Hey there lash lovers! Today, we’re talking about natural look lashes – what they are, how to choose the right brand, and some tips on application. So, what are natural look lashes? Essentially, they’re a type of false lash that gives the appearance of longer, thicker lashes without looking too dramatic or over-the-top.

If you’re a first-time lash user, natural look lashes are a great option. They’re a subtle way to enhance your natural beauty without feeling like you’re wearing too much makeup. Plus, they’re easy to apply and remove! In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about natural look lashes so you can make an informed choice when shopping.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, I wanted to share a helpful resource with you. If you’re new to fake lashes or struggling to find the right fit, check out this article for some expert tips!

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Natural Look Lashes: Why First Time Users will Love Them

If you’re a first time lash user, it can be intimidating to choose the right style. However, natural look lashes are the perfect option for beginners, as they offer a more subtle and understated look than some of the more dramatic styles.

One major benefit of natural look lashes is how easy they are to apply. Since they are less voluminous and shorter in length compared to other styles, they are less likely to weigh down your eyelids or cause discomfort during wear. This makes them a great starting point for those who want to experiment with false lashes without feeling like they are overwhelming their natural features.

A close-up shot of a set of false eyelashes with mascara brushes and a magnifying glass.

Natural look lashes also offer a versatile look which can be dressed up or down, making them ideal for everyday wear, as well as special occasions. Whether you’re heading to a work meeting, a night out with friends, or a family gathering, natural look lashes can provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Another benefit of natural look lashes is that they tend to blend better with your natural lashes, creating a more cohesive and seamless look. This means that even beginners can achieve a flawless finish and enhance their natural beauty without looking overdone.

Ultimately, natural look lashes are a great option for anyone who wants to try out false lashes for the first time. They offer all the benefits of false lashes- like enhancing your eye shape and providing volume- without feeling too heavy or overwhelming. With the right application and a little bit of practice, natural look lashes can help you achieve the perfect look every time.

Tips for Choosing the Right Natural Look Lashes

Hey there, lash lovers! If you’re a first time user of natural look lashes, choosing the right style can seem overwhelming. But fear not, because I’ve got some expert tips to help you pick the perfect pair for your unique eye shape and personal taste.

First things first, consider the length and density of the lashes. Natural look lashes should enhance your existing lashes rather than overpowering them. Opt for a style that is slightly longer than your natural lashes, but not excessively so. As for density, choose a style that doesn’t have too many lashes packed onto the band. You want to create a soft and fluttery effect.

Next, take into account the shape of your eye. If you have hooded eyes or downturned eyes, a winged lash style can help lift and elongate your eye shape. If your eyes are round or almond shaped, a more natural, wispy style will complement your eye shape best.

When it comes to lash bands, look for a thin and flexible band for the most comfortable fit. Some lashes come with a clear band, which is a great option for a more natural look. And don’t forget to consider the material of the lashes. Synthetic lashes are typically more affordable and hold their curl well, while mink lashes are softer and more natural looking.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different styles until you find the perfect match for you. And remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to applying lashes, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries to get it just right.

Pop Your Lash Game with These Popular Natural Look Lash Brands!

Are you new to the world of false lashes? Wanting to up your lash game without going too overboard? Natural look lashes are a great option for you! Here are some popular brands that you can try:

1. Ardell Natural Lashes

Ardell is a go-to brand for many first-time users because they offer a wide range of natural lashes that are affordable and easy to apply. Their lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes and come in different styles and lengths to cater to your preference.

2. Eylure Naturals

If you’re looking for lashes with a soft and subtle look, Eylure Naturals is the way to go. Their lashes are made with lightweight fibers that mimic the texture of real lashes, giving you an effortlessly natural look. Plus, their products are cruelty-free!

3. Kiss Looks So Natural

Kiss Looks So Natural is a brand that focuses on creating lashes that look and feel like your own. Their lashes have tapered ends and are made with a revolutionary technology that makes them feel lightweight and comfortable on your eyes. They come in different styles to match your eye shape, giving you a seamless and natural finish.

4. Velour Lashes Effortless

Velour Lashes is known for their luxurious and high-quality lashes, and their Effortless line is no exception. The lashes are made with silk fibers and look and feel like natural lashes. They also boast a unique cotton band that makes them easy to apply and comfortable to wear all day.

These are just some of the popular natural look lash brands out there. Don’t be afraid to try out different brands and styles until you find the perfect one for you!

How to Apply Natural Look Lashes

Okay, let’s get real – applying falsies can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how I tackle natural look lashes:

First, measure the lash to your eye shape to make sure it fits. Give it a little snip from the inner corner if necessary, but be careful not to overdo it.

Next, apply a thin layer of lash glue along the band and wait for it to dry for about 30 seconds. While you’re waiting, you might want to curl your natural lashes and apply a coat of mascara so they don’t stand out too much.

Using tweezers, place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible, starting from the inner corner of your eye and working your way outwards. Press it gently against your lash line and hold it down for a few seconds until the glue dries.

Lastly, use a clean spoolie or mascara brush to blend your natural lashes with the falsies. You can also use a bit of liner to fill in any gaps between the lashes.

There you have it – natural look lashes that are easy to apply and perfect for any occasion.

Conclusion: So, are Natural Look Lashes for You or Not?

All in all, natural look lashes are an excellent choice for ladies who want to add some oomph to their look without going overboard. As a first-time user, you’ll appreciate how easy they are to wear and remove. You’ll also enjoy the fact that they’re lighter, more natural-looking, and significantly cheaper than their bolder counterparts. So, if you’re looking to try something new, go ahead and give them a go! You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re going to get your hands on some, make sure you take the time to choose the right ones. As I mentioned earlier, start with shorter lashes that taper off naturally, and make sure that the band is thin to help them blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. Don’t forget to invest in a high-quality adhesive that won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes.

When it comes to installing them, don’t be afraid to experiment and find a method that works best for you. Play around with different curlers, tweezers, and applicators until you find what’s most comfortable. Remember, practice makes perfect, and in no time, you’ll be a pro at applying and removing your natural look lashes!

Finally, don’t forget to try out different brands and styles to find what suits you best. Certain brands might have a particular shape, curl or length that flatters your eye shape and face, so don’t be afraid to explore. With these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling fabulous every day!

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