False eyelashes can take your look from drab to fab. They transform your eyes, adding a dramatic or natural flair that can be tailored to fit any occasion. If you’re looking to switch up your beauty routine, here are some things to consider before slapping on those falsies.

False lashes come in a variety of styles and sizes, so it’s important to think about the effect you want to achieve. You need to factor in the type of look you prefer for the occasion – whether you’re heading out for the day or decking yourself out for an evening event.

Knowing what type of lash is best for you isn’t always easy, and it can be frustrating to get it wrong. That’s why it’s wise to shop with care and dive into research mode. Not only do you need to look at the size, shape, and color of the lashes themselves, but also considerations like band type, quality, and application technique.

So let’s dive right in and see how you can pick the best set of false lashes for a bold new look!

Consider the Occasion

Choosing the right false lashes for your look comes down to understanding the occasion. When deciding on a style of false lashes, it’s important to consider if you’re going out in the daytime or evening, and if the event is formal or relaxed. During the day, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a more natural lash look, while a dramatic length and volume might be better suited for an evening event. If you know that you’re attending an especially formal event, you may want to opt for a classic, full length lash that will make you look polished yet never over the top.

A pink eye makeup brush with a variety of false eyelashes on top.

For occasions that are more casual, why not go for something out of the ordinary? Play around with fun colors or styles like wispy flares or double stacked lashes for extra sass. Whether you’re going for a subtle or bold look, thinking about the occasion can help narrow down the best option for your makeup routine.

Pick the Right Style

Achieving a standout look isn’t just about quantity; it’s also about quality. When it comes to false lashes, knowing your style is key. From natural to dramatic and everything in between, there are lots of ways to make your eyes pop. Whether you’re off for daytime drinks or a special evening event, there’s a lash for every occasion.

For an everyday makeup look, opt for something subtle like a low-volume, short-length style. But if you’re feeling bold and daring, try out a full-on glam set of falsies. Whatever your preference may be, always keep in mind the size and shape of your eyes. Longer lengths may overwhelm narrow lids, while plenty of volume can be overpowering if you have smaller eyes.

If you’re looking for something more eye-catching, you can show off some serious attitude with a pair of larger-than-life lashes. There are a few more traditional styles for the modern-day gal too, like a cat-eye set that adds just the right touch of drama. And don’t forget those spiky accents; they’re great for infusing your look with texture and dimension.

You can also customize your look to match the vibe of your outfit or event. Just remember: the longer, thicker styles tend to be more appropriate during the night while shorter, lighter lashes are best suited for day.

Quality Matters

When choosing false lashes, don’t skimp on quality! Sure, it may be tempting to go for the cheaper options, but trust me, they won’t last nearly as long as more expensive options. Plus, if you’re gonna invest in yourself and do up your face with some falsies, don’t you want them to be top-notch? I’m talking about real mink or faux mink, folks – not that synthetic junk.

Real mink, faux mink, and synthetic are all capable of providing you with different looks.For instance, real mink lashes tend to have a soft, glossy feel and more natural look than their synthetic counterparts. Faux mink is similar, but has a bit more shine and a longer life span. Synthetic is great for a dramatic look, though they may start to wear down faster.

On top of that, some false lashes are reusable, while others are meant to be disposable. Reusable ones come with a higher price tag, but can be worn multiple times. Disposable ones are a great option if you’re just looking for a one-time use. Whichever type of lash you choose, make sure its quality is worth investing in.

Determine the Band Type

When it comes to false lashes, the band type can make all the difference when you’re looking for a bold look. The two most common types of bands are clear and black. Clear bands tend to be thinner and less visible – making them perfect for everyday wear or casual occasions. On the other hand, if you’re going for a dramatic effect, the thicker, black bands will make your eyes stand out. It all depends on the occasion and what kind of statement you want to make!

How to Apply False Lashes

So you’ve picked out the right pair of lashes for your occasion and know exactly what type of look you’re aiming for, now it’s time to learn how to apply them. Here are my top tips for making sure your false eyelashes look natural and last all night.

First off, prep is key. Make sure your eyes and lashes are clean of any makeup or dirt. Then, using a small scissors, trim the lash strip to fit your eye length because they usually come much longer than needed. Once you have the right size, take some tweezers and curve the strip a bit so it follows your natural eye shape – this ensures a snug fit when you apply.

Now comes the tricky part: applying the adhesive. Start off with a thin layer, then let it sit for 30 seconds until it becomes slightly tacky. During this time, position the lashes onto your lash line as close as possible. Don’t press down yet — give the glue some time to dry. Now, starting from the middle of your eye, press the corners down one at a time. The trick is to be patient and gentle.

You’re almost done! To make sure your lashes stay put all day and blend in perfectly, use an eyeliner to cover up the band. This will make the transition between your real lashes and false ones seamless and look more natural. If you want an extra bold look, some mascara will do the trick.

Applying false lashes isn’t rocket science, but if you take your time and follow these steps carefully, you’ll have the perfect finish. And the best part? You’ll have gorgeous, full-looking lashes that’ll make everyone stop and stare!


False lashes can be a great way to add an extra pop of glam to your look, but it can also be tricky to know which ones will suit you best. I’ve gone over some of the basics that you need to consider when selecting false lashes: what occasion you’re wearing them for, the type of style you want, the quality of the lashes, and the band type. That being said, here’s my expert advice: always take into account the rest of your makeup when picking out a pair of falsies – pick something that compliments your eye look and not just a dramatic lash for the sake of going dramatic.

That wraps up my crash course on choosing the perfect false lashes! Whether you’re opting for a natural or dramatic look, the key is to make sure you know what works best for your face shape, purpose and budget. Now it’s time to practice, practice, practice until you get the hang of application. Once you do, you’ll be ready to rock a bold and beautiful look in no time.

False Lash FAQs

What style of lashes make your eyes look bigger?

Choosing the right false lashes for a bold look can make all the difference. As an expert in the beauty industry, I often get asked what style of lashes make your eyes look bigger. My answer is always the same – crisscross or layered lash styles!

Crisscross or layered lash styles are perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of drama and fullness to their look. Unlike individual lashes, which tend to be more subtle, these crisscross styles create the illusion of bigger, bolder eyes. Plus, the multiple layers add texture and volume for that extra wow factor.

One of my top tips for choosing the perfect crisscross lashes is to go for something that’s slightly over the top – if you’re going for a bold look, you’re better off going a bit too big than too small. And, if you’re looking for fullness and length, opt for human hair lashes over synthetic ones. They’ll look more natural and give your eyes an added flutter.

So there you have it, my expert advice on how to choose the right false lashes for a bold look! Crisscross or layered lash styles are always a great choice – they create the illusion of bigger, bolder eyes, plus they give your look texture and volume. Just make sure to go for something a bit over the top and choose human hair lashes for extra flutter.

How do you make your eyelashes look bolder?

I’m a big believer in not overdoing it when it comes to false lashes. If you want a bold look, start by choosing lashes that are full, thick, and depending on the occasion, a bit longer than your natural lashes. For a night out, I’d reach for a pair of wispy, voluminous lashes that add intense drama and depth to your eyes, while more natural, everyday lashes are great for a subtle look that still packs a punch.

Whether you’re going for a dramatic bold look or something more natural, it’s important to find the right length lashes for your specific eye shape. If you have round eyes, try a pair of oval-shaped lashes that are longer on the outer corners to add a cat-eye effect. Almond-shaped eyes look best with lashes that are slightly longer in the middle and shorter on the outer corners. Deep-set eyes need lashes that are longer in the middle for an extra boost of volume.

When choosing between synthetic or human hair lashes, I’d recommend synthetic. They are usually lighter and fluffier, which makes them look more natural, and they are also more durable and easier to apply. Plus, they come in a range of lengths, textures, and colors.

The key to getting a bold, glamorous look is to make sure your false lashes are properly applied. Start by trimming the lashes to fit your eye shape and size, then hold the lashes up to your eye to make sure they’re the right length. Next, coat the base of the lash strip with a good quality lash glue and let it dry until it’s tacky before applying. Place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible and press gently, then fill in the gaps with a black eye pencil to blend the false lashes into your natural ones.

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