An Introduction to Mascara on Bottom Lashes

Let’s get this out of the way: applying mascara to your bottom lashes can be tough. But I’m here to help! We’re gonna talk about why it can be beneficial, how to prep for it, and some tips and tricks for when you actually apply the mascara.

The truth is, there are a ton of benefits to putting mascara on your bottom lashes. For one, they can make your eyes look bigger and brighter—but only if done right. Plus, you’ll look more awake and refreshed, like you actually got enough sleep last night! (Clearly, something we all need more of.)

But as much as it might seem straightforward, there’s actually a bit of technique involved in getting a great finish with mascara on your lower lashes. So let’s dive into that now, eh?

Preparing Your Lashes

Before make-up application, it’s best to make sure your lashes are primped and prepped for success. Start off by giving your face a good wash to ensure you remove dirt and excess oil from your skin.

Then, get to work on those lashes! Curling your upper and lower lashes can give more volume and definition, so don’t skip this step! Begin by placing the lash curler as close to the lash line as possible and then gently pumping a few times. Be careful not to pinch or pull too hard to avoid any unnecessary pain!

Applying Mascara

When it comes to applying mascara to your bottom lashes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, choosing the right kind of mascara is essential; look for one specifically made for your lower lashes. This will make a huge difference! Don’t just go for whatever kind you used on your top lashes; that won’t give you the same results.

Closeup of a woman's eye with a hint of blue mascara on the lower lashes.

Once you’ve got the right mascara formula, it’s time to apply. Here’s the key: go for short strokes. Trying to work it through like you do with your upper lashes will mess it up, so use those quick, firm strokes and that’ll do the trick! You also don’t want to overdo it—it has to look natural. That’s where most people get stuck.

After you’ve finished applying the mascara, take a lash comb and brush through both sets of lashes. It’ll help even out the application. To finish off, make sure you’re checking for any clumps or smudges you may have missed and clean them up. That baby better be on point, ’cause that’s how you can best flaunt your newfound confidence!

Finishing Touches

Now that your bottom lashes are all set, it’s time to take it up a notch! A few finishing touches can really make the look pop and achieve a glamorous end product. First things first: grab a lash comb or spoolie brush and work through the upper and lower lashes to separate the strands and remove any clumps. This’ll give you a nice, even coat of mascara on your little guys.

Ensure all the hairs are coated and evenly distributed, because no one wants to end up with a spider-y look. For an extra bit of drama, use the pointy end of your comb to add some extra definition to the outer corners of your eyes.

Before you go on your way, double check for smudges and gently wipe away any with a damp makeup sponge or cotton swab. That’s it! Your bottom lashes are now fuller, thicker, and ready for showtime.


All in all, applying mascara to your bottom lashes is a great way to add an extra touch of glamour to your look. Taking the time to carefully prepare and apply will give you a defined, eye-catching gaze that won’t be overlooked. And with these few steps, it’s easy for anyone to achieve this!

Just remember to start by cleansing your face and curling both sets of lashes. Then, choose a mascara specifically designed for lower lashes and go in with short strokes. Finally, use a lash comb to remove any pesky clumps or smudges and voila – beautiful, luscious lashes that’ll make everyone jealous.

So, don’t be afraid to show off what you’ve got! With a little TLC, you can flaunt your bottom lashes in no time.

Mascara Application FAQs

How do you apply mascara to bottom sparse lashes?

I’ll tell ya, applying mascara to the bottom lashes isn’t always the easiest thing. You want to be careful not to go too heavy-handed because then you’ll end up looking like a raccoon! My advice is to start by lightly combing through the lashes with a lash wand to get even coverage on the smaller ones. Then, use the wand to lightly coat your bottom lashes with a mascara. Focus on the tips of the lashes and build the volume slowly by wiggling the wand at the base of the lashes. Make sure you don’t get too close to your waterline, as this can smudge and cause raccoon eyes. To keep the look subtle, you can use a black brown mascara instead of a jet black. Finally, if needed, you can go back and outline your lashes with eyeliner for a more defined look.

Are you supposed to put mascara on your bottom lashes?

Yes, you can apply mascara to your bottom lashes for a subtle look! The trick is to use a light hand, choose a volumizing mascara and keep the brush close to the lash line. I suggest using a wand for precision and an eyelash comb to separate your lashes for an even more natural look.Be sure to use a light hand when applying your mascara. The goal is to add subtle definition, not coat your lashes like a spider web. Use a volumizing mascara that won’t clump or cause too much buildup. Start by applying the mascara at the base of your lashes and slowly wiggle the wand as you make your way to the tips. This will provide your bottom lashes with volume and length. Lastly, use an eyelash comb to separate your lashes once your mascara is dry. This will help to create a softer, more natural look. Investing in a high quality eyelash comb will also help to capture any excess mascara. Putting mascara on your bottom lashes takes time and precision, but when you master the technique, you’ll have a beautiful, subtle look.

How do you apply mascara so it looks natural?

As a beauty enthusiast, I’m often asked for tips on applying mascara for a natural and subtle look, and I’m happy to help! When it comes to applying mascara to the bottom lashes, it can be tricky to get that eye-opening effect without looking overdone. My top trick is to use a smaller brush. Using a smaller brush helps to coat each individual lash from root to tip, adding dimension and definition without clumping or looking too obvious. To get the most out of your mascara, it’s important to wiggle the brush as you apply, starting at the root and working your way to the tip of the lash. This will help separate the lashes and build intensity. Also, don’t forget to curl your lashes before you apply mascara. Curling before application helps open up the eye and really brings out those bottom lashes. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different formulas or brushes until you find the one that works best for your lashes.

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